BioreMEDIAtion, October 2010.

Fluxmedia will be hosting a workshop seminar focused on artistic, technological and scientific applications of bioremediation. BioreMEDIAtion is a practice currently applied in the life sciences to decontaminate polluted ecologies using life forms such as bacteria and yeast. This workshop will approach the idea of bioremediation through the application of life systems -including the microbial, the human-animal and the digital- towards the creation of a series of visual art prototypes.

The following questions will be explored: How might the bioremediation of life systems and living organisms provoke new strategies and modes of engaging with materiality across the threshold of biodigital ecologies? What ethical, aesthetic, philosophical challenges arise around the very production and technical application of such practices?

This week-long seminar workshop will bring together researchers and graduate students from Concordia and University of Windsor. Leading practitioners will work alongside graduate students to think through the aforementioned concerns by generating visual prototypes and research-creation projects. Invited mini-workshop presenters include Stelarc, Dr. Jennifer Willet, Tagny Duff, Alison Loader and Dr. Justin Powlowsky.

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Concordia University